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We deliver the best hacking solutions

We have been successfully hacking phones and other personal devices to retrieve information for our clients for almost a decade now. Over this period of time we have gathered ernomous experience and now we have have organized and structured the business to give you a better hacking experience

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Below are the essential values that has upheld our company over the years and let us out live our competitors.

We have always been the best hackers and we preserve a culture that only recognizes the best hackers and we recruit them to work with us

Our customers are our priorities and we will always put them first in all our dealings

Our clients privacy is a treasured gem that we protect with our utmost might


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Phone Hacking

This is our flagship service and it is what we are most known for. We have also developed the best skills in this department enabling us to hack both iOs and Android products

Social media hacking

We hack social media accounts and we are also behind the recovery of various celebrity accounts from hackers seeking to wreck havoc with these accounts

Mail Hacking

We hack emails and recover sensitive information for our clients

Corporate hacking

We hack corporate systems and revover information. This kind of operation is mostly ordered by huge corporations looking to have leverage against a competitor

School exams and records hacking

We provide the hacking of students records and also the examination qustions of students

Device tracking

Thanks toinstalled GPS in the devices we can track virtually any device we want to for our clients.

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